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Energy Wise Rewards is a tool for Maryland customers to take more control over their energy usage, save money on their energy costs, and take a big step towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Demand for electricity in Maryland is rapidly rising. Pepco will install a web-programmable thermostat or outdoor switch at your home and cycle it during peak-use times in exchange for bill credits. During the "peak demand" times of summer, Energy Wise Rewards works to reduce electricity usage by "cycling" central air conditioners or heat pumps throughout the region, managing energy use, and reducing the need for costly, new electrical infrastructure.

If your residence had been active in Kilowatchers, our former electricity management program, you'll see that Energy Wise Rewards is the same type of program, but offers greater incentives and much more sophisticated technology.

There are no hidden fees, and the program is completely voluntary. Because your participation is so important, we are offering this critical program at no charge to you. Joining is a choice that not only benefits you personally, but benefits your community and environment as well.

Enroll now by choosing your participation level and energy-saving device. You'll receive a one-time installation credit, Monthly Reward Bill Credit, and your choice of Energy-Saving Devices at no charge!

Note: If you are a resident of a property that uses electric metering for the entire property (i.e., you don't receive a bill from Pepco), please refer to the "Master Metered Account Customers" tab for more information.

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