Participation Options

Energy Wise Rewards is all about choices.

Choose to save and earn up to $120* in your first full year of participation!

Participating is easy. Just choose the options that best suit your lifestyle. We'll do the rest!

  • You choose your cycling level and the annual reward/installation credit.
  • You choose your energy-saving device.

1. Choose your Energy Wise Rewards participation level:

Cycling Option Temperature Increase Annual Reward* Installation Credit** Total Rewards for your first 12 months*
50% 1-3 degrees $30 $30 Up to $60
75% 2-4 degrees $45 $45 Up to $90
100% 4-7 degrees $60 $60 Up to $120

What is cycling?
Help me choose which participation level is right for me

2. Now, choose your Energy Wise Rewards energy-saving device:

Web-programmable Thermostat

  • Program manually or remotely through the Internet
  • Save up to 10% annually off your cooling and heating costs†
  • Seven-day/four-interval programming for customization to your schedule
  • Large, high-resolution LCD display
  • Professionally installed at no charge

Outdoor Switch

A small device installed outside, near your central A/C unit.
  • Operates automatically
  • Professionally installed at no charge
  • You do not have to be home for installation if your air conditioner is easily and safely accessible
Help me choose which energy-saving device is right for me

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* Reward bill credits are awarded and prorated monthly, June through October. Installation Credit and Annual Credit are awarded per installed thermostat or outdoor switch.
** A one-time bill credit.
† U.S. Department of Energy