You will receive your Installation Credit for each device installed in full as a one-time bill reduction within two billing cycles after we install your Energy Wise Rewards device(s). Annual Reward Credits are paid each summer you participate in the program, and will appear for each device installed as a prorated line item savings on your monthly bills for June through October.

For example, if you sign up for 50% cycling and your selected device is installed before you are billed in June, you will receive your $40 Installation Credit as a reduction off your June or July bill, plus $8 per month in Annual Reward Credits beginning with the same June or July bill and continuing through October.

The credits per installed device are noted in the table below:

Annual Reward Installation Credit Total Rewards for your first 12 months
50% $40 $40 Up to $80
75% $60 $60 Up to $120
100% $80 $80 Up to $160

Here is an example of where to find your Energy Wise Rewards credits on Page 2 of your Pepco bill. This customer’s device was installed in May and he received his Installation Credit and his first Annual Reward Credit on his July bill.

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