It’s easy to participate. Just choose your energy-saving device – either a web-programmable thermostat or outdoor switch – and receive $160 in the first year*. All Energy Wise Rewards Business program participants are enrolled in the 50% cycling level.


  • A $180 value – a capital asset
  • Program manually or remotely through the Internet
  • Seven-day, four-interval programming to customize your schedule
  • Set your schedule and save up to 10% a year on heating and cooling costs**
  • Installation appointment needed
  • Professionally installed at no charge


  • A small device installed outside, near your central air conditioning unit
  • Operates automatically
  • No appointment necessary if air conditioner is easily and safely accessible
  • Professionally installed at no charge

* Receive a one-time Installation Credit of $80 and Annual Rewards Credits totaling $80 for each device installed. Annual Reward Credits are monthly, June through October, each year you participate.
** U.S. Department of Energy