For Landlords/Property Managers (Individually Metered Properties)

The Energy Wise Rewards program outfits individually metered multi-family buildings with web-programmable thermostats and offers residents the opportunity to earn Pepco bill credits throughout the summer. To participate, you must have central air conditioning units or heat pumps in good working order.

Owners, landlords, and property managers benefit with:

  • Capital improvements to your properties at no charge
  • State-of-the-art energy efficiency technology professionally installed

Residents benefit with:

  • A one-time $30 Installation Credit* on their Pepco bill
  • Additional Annual Reward Credits of up to $60
  • Professional installation of a feature-packed web-programmable thermostats with the capability of saving up to 10% on cooling and heating bills**

It's easy to become a participating community

Owners, landlords, and property managers may call 1-866-353-5798 to enroll their building(s) in Energy Wise Rewards. Each unit must have its central air conditioner or heat pump in good working order.

Once you enroll your community, we'll professionally install our web-programmable thermostats in your residents' units at no charge. This will provide more personal control of their energy usage all year long.

We'll also:

  • Collect and recycle all mercury thermostats
  • Manage all program inquiries and service
  • Issue welcome kits explaining the program to residents, with the option to participate or to choose a different participation level, and instructions on how residents can opt out
  • Provide residents with a comprehensive thermostat guide
  • Provide marketing materials to support the promotion of the program

Residents may enroll individually, but must receive permission from their building's owner, landlord, or property manager before an Energy Wise Rewards thermostat may be installed in their home.

Your community's participation is important

During the summer months, electricity demand soars. Through your participation, you and your residents:

  • Help balance regional electricity usage
  • Help keep energy prices lower over time
  • Reduce the need for costly, new electrical infrastructure
  • Reduce carbon emissions that contribute to global warming

Frequently Asked Questions

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*Installation credit of $30 is available to the resident who enrolls in the program and receives the new thermostat. Any future residents are only eligible for the Annual Reward Credits.
**U.S. Department of Energy.