Energy Wise Rewards cycles the operation of central air conditioners and heat pumps in the region, balancing electricity demand and supply on the days it counts most. This program is for properties that are master metered, meaning individual units that do not have electric meters. If you reside in a unit/home where you receive a bill from Pepco, please refer to the "Residential Customers" tab for more details.

What's in it for Landlords:

  • Capital improvements to your properties at no charge
  • State-of-the-art energy efficiency technology professionally installed and serviced in your residential communities
  • Comprehensive program management—with minimal effort required of you or your residents
  • Assistance with marketing the program to your residents
  • Support for distributing residential reward credits

In addition to professionally installing devices, we'll:

  • Manage all program inquiries and service
  • Provide welcome kits explaining the program
  • Provide residents with a comprehensive thermostat guide (if applicable)
  • Collect and recycle all legacy mercury thermostats

What's in it for Residents:

The program is now open to Master Meter Accounts, so you and your landlord can enjoy these great benefits:

  • A new web-programmable thermostat and wall plate or outdoor switch
  • A one-time installation reward of $15 per installed device
  • Annual rewards of up to $6 per month (June–October)—$30 annually
  • Convenient remote thermostat control from wherever there is Internet access

For more information or to join today, call 1-866-353-5798. Or choose "Contact Us" from the navigation menu and someone will contact you.

Not all Master Meter Accounts are eligible for Energy Wise Rewards. To be eligible, each residence must have an independent thermostat controlling its environment. Please contact us at the above phone or email address and a technician will be dispatched to determine your property's eligibility.